Thursday, April 19, 2012

Favourite Things Friday Vol 25

My favourite thing this week is a good one, Brookside Chocolate Covered Almonds.

Oh man these are soooo good!! I have always loved chocolate covered almonds but most of  the chocolate is waxy and thick and the almonds are small and flavourless.
Not these, the chocolate is awesome and the almonds are toasty and good.
I can't buy them very often because I have a hard time not eating the whole bag.

You can get them at Safeway or IGA for about $6 a bag, but Costco is the best place to get them, you get a HUGE bag for like $12. Oh, and they come in dark chocolate as well, if you are into that kind of thing!
I warn you they are very addictive. Try them, you will love them!

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. Oh these are pretty addictive! I have thought about baking with them... But can never stop eating them! Soon, the bag is empty, so I can't bake with them! But there is never any regrets, they are just too good ;)

  2. Oh dear another really good bad thing to love!! I went this morning and got some and they are TROUBLE savanna loves them too. Thanks for anther great fav thing!! you rock!! happy friday

  3. How 'bout chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! Wink wink!I better stay away from these when I am not on holidays around the mac nuts!