Friday, May 16, 2014

Favourite Things Friday Vol 75 – Rhubarb

I was in the grocery store yesterday and I spotted a huge pile of rhubarb across the produce section, I literally RAN over to it. 

There was no one else in the store but I just felt like if I didn’t hurry it was going to be gone before I got over there, I have a problem! (It is possible I have more than one problem but this is just the latest!)

I got home an immediately whipped up my absolute favourite rhubarb crisp. There is nothing in the world better than a big bowl of tart tender rhubarb covered with crispy oaty sugary topping and a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream.

There are so many things you can do with rhubarb, besides making crisp.

My next rhubarb goal is a pie, I can’t wait!

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend to all my Canadian friends! Enjoy your extra day off.



  1. Wish I were there to have some yummy crisp with you (minus the ice cream, of course)! Happy long weekend!

  2. Delish! I wii have mine with cream!