Sunday, April 5, 2015

Little Strawberry Shortcake Trifles

Spring has sprung around these parts! To be quite honest, we never really had winter this year, so I can’t really complain.

With all the flowers blooming and grass getting green I have been craving lighter meals. Despite that, a girl still needs dessert so that is how these little strawberry shortcake trifles were born.

This sweet little dessert was delightful. You can never go wrong with strawberry shortcake! AND they are insanely simple to boot!

What you need,

-Vanilla cupcakes, 1 for every little trifle you are making
(I used a cake mix but you can do homemade if that is how you roll!)

-Strawberries, small ones work best, halved
(You will need 5-6 small berries for each trifle)

-Whipped cream, about ¼ cup per trifle
(I used the fancy stuff in a can, because I am lazy but you go ahead and make your own if you want to!)

Cut each cupcake in half.
Lay half the cupcake on the bottom of each serving dish.
Line the edge of the dish with the cut berries, cut side out, cause it looks purdy!
Toss a few halves in the center as well.
Layer on some whipped cream to fill in all the space.
Add the second half of the cupcake on top and cover with more whipped cream.
Add a berry or 2 on top for decoration.


I suggest you make a few more than you actually need, because you are going to want more than one. They are so so good!
A perfectly light springy dessert!



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