Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kraft vs. Jif - A Cookie Comparison

I have been a Kraft Peanut Butter girl for my whole life. I never cared to eat any other peanut butter… ever!

They recently started selling Jif Peanut Butter in Canada. I wasn’t particularly interested in this fact but my in-house taste tester was. He immediately wanted to try it. I reluctantly agreed…

We came home from the store and immediate opened the Jif, and my trusty jar of Kraft. We each grabbed a spoon and gave them a taste. I tried the Kraft first and was like yep, Kraft, it is the best. Then I tried the Jif, it was good. It was really good. I had to have a couple tastes, but it is really creamy, and it has a deeper roasted peanut flavour than the Kraft.

We did the toast taste test the next morning and we both blind tested the Jif as our favourite.

So, there was only one test left… Peanut Butter Cookies!

This is my all time favourite cookie recipe. I have been making it forever. It is always a winner.

I made one batch using Kraft and one batch using Jif.

I make them side by side, at the same time. I baked them alternating pans between the 2 kinds. Cooled them on separate racks and waited for my in-house taste tester to get home so we could get down to business.

So, I ate 10 or 12 cookies in the name of science of course! Again Jif came out on top, for both of us.

The Jif cookies were a little puffier, and the centre was a bit denser which created a slightly chewier cookie. My favourite cookie trait is its chewiness!

The taste was similar but the Jif does really have a stronger peanut taste.

So, after all this I may be converted… After all these years of being a Kraft girl I think I just may be making the switch to Jif. Who woulda thunk it!

What is your favourite peanut butter?

Whichever it is, make these cookies they are truly the best cookie ever!





  2. I love that you blogged this :).

    I am not a blogger but am always trying out new peanut butters and recently picked up Jif and while I do prefer it to the Kraft Smooth (green cap and label), I highly recommend you try out the Kraft Extra Creamy (yellow cap and label) if you haven't already before making a permanent switch to Jif! I think I prefer it over both of these. My preferred test after taste test has always been PB&J sandwiches though and our tastes may differ!

    I do usually keep a few brands on hand so I admit to not being able to commit to any yet :). The Kraft Extra Creamy just might be the one if I were forced to choose!


  3. Wow I totally feel you on this post! Been a Kraft girl all my life but Tim Hortons sells Jif peanut butter for their bagels which I always get obviously. So it got me thinking which is superior as I feel I'm leaning towards Jif because of that roasted flavour. Glad I'm not the only one dealing with this debacle!!