Friday, March 14, 2014

Favourite Things Friday Vol 68 – Rubber Spatulas

I have 8 rubber spatulas… 8‼ Thank goodness I don’t have 10 otherwise it might mean I have an actual problem!

This blue one is my go to spatula. I grab it first for most things. This is actually my second one, I broke the first one a few years ago so I had to go out and find one exactly like it to replace it!

These two little ones are great for small jars or getting peanut butter out of measuring cups. I use them a lot too.

These 2 little cuties I just got a few weeks ago. I just love them!

Every time I see a cute one in a store I have to talk myself out of buying it. Do I really need one with a bunny on it for Easter? Do I really need this red one?? I am sure my obsession will continue.

Hooray for Rubber Spatulas!

Have a fabulous weekend. It is really starting to feel like spring, so I am excited to get out and enjoy it!



  1. Okay, you've got me laughing out loud for real, but I support your collection because different things require different spatulas! You've just gotta have the right one for the job or else it's awkward and weird feeling. I have one to recommend that I don't see in your photos though! (Sorry) I first saw it at Dads! It is quite like your favourite blue one except it has a little hook things on the back so you can HOOK IT ON THE SIDE OF YOUR MIXING BOWL IMSTEAD OF DRIPPING OVER TO YOUR SPOON REST. It in fan freaking tastic. Great favourite things! Love the blog!!

  2. The Christmas penguin is so cute! We all have our little obsessions - this one is fine!!