Friday, June 20, 2014

Favourite Things Friday Vol 78 – Tovolo Silicone King Ice Cube Tray

I love cold drinks, like really super cold drinks! I don’t even drink a glass of water without ice in it. I use 2 or 3 trays of ice cubes a day.
I know I am weird!

When I saw this huge silicon ice cube tray I snatched it up right away.
It makes 6 HUGE ice cubes. They are perfect. Your drinks stay super cold and it takes the ice longer to melt than with normal sized cubes.

They are made by a company called Tovolo and they have all sizes of ice cube trays plus a ton of other really cool kitchen gadgets.

If you like your drinks COLD, I would suggest picking up one of these giant ice cubes trays, I love it!

Happy weekend everyone! Have a good one!



  1. Cool! P.S. I had no idea you went through that much ice a day!

  2. The ones I got Dad last year are like this! Different brand and not quite as big but very very big! He always grumbles that they're no better than any other tray but then he comes over and misses his giant cubes, lol. Gotta get me some. Great post JB, as usual!!!!

  3. p.s. I paid about $12 for Dads at the Safeway? But they have the EXACT same ones at the dollar store? For two bucks. Nice eh? So if u wants some more on the cheap, lemme know!!! Hugs!!!