Sunday, February 12, 2017

My latest favourite single girl dinner...

My in house taste tester has been working a lot of evenings lately.
This means I have been eating a lot of toast and popcorn for dinner.

I figured I should try to eat something a bit more substantial so one day I whipped up this simple egg sandwich. It was delightful plus it was super easy, super quick and tasted SO good!

Here is what you need do so you can one of your very own yummy egg sandwiches,

1. Toast and English muffin
2. Slather the toasted English muffin with butter
3. Lay on a slice of cheese on the bottom of the English muffin. I used a cheese slice cause that is the way I roll, but you go ahead and use what you like
4. Pile on a slice of 2 of bacon
5. Top with a perfect fried egg, I like my drippy but cook your egg to your preference
6. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper
7. Place the top of the English muffin on the sandwich
8. Stuff it in your face

Now I like to saute up some sliced tiny tomatoes for about 5 minutes to serve them along side. It is kinda like having ketchup to dip your sandwich in but only WAY better!

So there you have it, a perfect dinner. Well really it is the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I probably eat this sandwich once a week now, maybe twice... It really is my favorite!

Anyway I hope you have a great week.



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