Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crispy Baked Fish Sticks with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Back when I was a teenager I didn’t cook, at all. If I had to make dinner it was usually fish sticks from a box and McCain’s French fries. Fancy!

Now that I enjoy cooking more I make my own fish sticks. These are super crispy and full of flavour, way better than those bad grocery store ones. The homemade tater sauce is amazing!

What you need for the fish sticks,

1 large egg, lightly beaten
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 cups of Panko bread crumbs
1 tbsp old bay seafood seasoning
2 tbsp olive oil
1 ½ lbs of tilapia fillets cut into strips. (You could use any firm white fish you want)

Preheat your oven to 475 degrees. Place the egg in a shallow bowl and season with salt and pepper. In another shallow dish mix the panko crumbs with the olive oil and old bay seasoning.
Dip the fish pieces into the egg mixture; let the excess drip off, then press into the crumb mixture until well coated. Place the coated fish onto a baking sheet, leave ample room between each piece, this will allow for better crisping.

Bake without turning the fish for 12-15 minutes or until browned and the fish is cooked through.

For the tarter sauce you will need,

½ cup mayo
½ cup Greek yogurt
1 large dill pickle, finely diced
1 tbsp capers, drained and chopped
½ a lemon, juiced
1 tbsp sweet pickle relish
1 tsp old bay seasoning
Dash of Tabasco
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a small bow combine all the ingredients together and mix well. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour or overnight to let the flavours combine.

I love these fish sticks, they are a huge step up from my Captain Highliner days!

So easy and so quick, another perfect weeknight meal!


Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart Everyday Food

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  1. I love homemade tartar sauce. I tried making it years ago, when I was unable to get to the store. It was a big hit. I haven't bought any since. It's been a long time since I made it though. I need to do that again. I'll have to compare the recipes. Thanks!