Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PB&J Grilled Cheese

Do you guys watch Modern Family? It is one of the funniest shows on TV right now! I laugh out loud every episode.
In one episode last season Mitchell made his partner Cam, his favourite sandwich, a PB&J, Pear, Brie and Jambon, which cracked me up… but then I thought, hey that actually sounds pretty darned good.

So I tried it! With my butternut squash soup the other night I whipped up a pear, brie and ham grilled cheese.

All you need is,

A couple of slices of lovely bread
A smear of grainy mustard
A couple tablespoons of brie cheese
A ripe pear
2 thin slices of ham
A little bit of butter

Spread some grainy mustard on one of the bread slices. Spread the brie cheese onto the other. Then layer on the pear slices and the ham.

Spread the outside with butter and grill in a pan over medium high heat until well browned and melty inside.

It was delicious!!

Go and rent the first season of Modern Family and make this sandwich! You will be happy you did!



  1. This looks fabulous, Jen! I've had an apple, ham and brie sandwich on my list of things to try making for ages now. My favorite little bakery serves one and I order it every time I'm there!

  2. I love modern family. Such a fantastic show. This sammich looks pretty darn good too.

  3. That show is hilarious! Can't wait to try this sammie for lunch over the weekend!

  4. Loved that episode! (Well, all of them, really). While I'm sure that your sandwich is delicious for normal people, I'm afraid that I will have to replace the pear with apple, because pears are creepy and yucky to me! But it sounds and looks very gourmet!