Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Exotic Treat

Hey Everybody!
I have a very cool little treat to share with you today. My best friend Brenda was just on holiday in Istanbul, Turkey. Her photo's are amazing, it is quite the place.
She brought me this box of Turkish Delight.

This is defiantly not the chewy, jelly like stuff I normally think of.  This is just a little sweet with a tonne of toasted pistachio nuts in it. It is a jelly like state but not super gooey. It is amazing!

Little sugar covered bites of heaven!

Look at all the pistachios! oh man...

I don't know what I am going to do when this box is empty...How long is a flight to Turkey??



  1. These look delish! I've never had turkish delight before and now I want to try!

  2. oh seeing the pistachios in the middle is making me crave turkish delight.... looks so good.

  3. I know, these are sooooooo good! We ate FAR too many of them in Istanbul! Wish you could have been there with us! I can't believe your box of Turkish Delight has lasted this long!