Friday, September 7, 2012

Favourite Things Friday Vol 34

My favourite thing this week is my new Borner V Slicer.

This thing is amazing; it slices so evenly and easily.

The blades are crazy sharp, like scary sharp! You definitely want to use the safety guard it comes with. It comes with 3 blade plates that slice, dice and julienne all in several thicknesses.


It is easy to clean, which is always a bonus.
It sure makes slicing veggies a breeze!

I would highly recommend it!! I got mine at Gourmet Warehouse here in Vancouver.

Happy Weekend Everyone!



  1. Cool! Looks awesome.

  2. Looks very handy! Reminds me off the ancient one of dads that old blue green one! It would rock to have one of these! Wonder if i can get one here?

  3. Ohhhhh looks fun, hmmm do I chop enough to justify getting one!! Probably not but hey I don't need to justify it just do it! Yum is this how you made the cactus cut potatoes!