Friday, September 14, 2012

Favourite Things Friday Vol 35

Happy Friday! I have to tell you all that I am kind of a tv-aholic. I watch a lot of shows, thank god for the PVR!
I thought since it is the beginning of the new TV season I would share some of the shows that I am most looking forward to.

1. Parenthood

I love this show so much! I wish I was a Braverman. They just feel like a real family with real problems. This show can make me laugh out loud one minute then sob the next.
The premiere was actually on Tuesday and it was awesome. The Ray Romanow character was very interesting, I can't wait to see where that story line goes.

2. The Walking Dead

This show freaks me out, for real people, I have nightmares. I get all sweaty and my stomach hurts when I am watching, I sit on the edge of the couch and yell out random things at the TV, things like "NOOOOO" and "RUUUNNNN!!" it is insane. I love this show, I can't wait for it to start again.
ps. am I the only one who is gonna miss Crazy Shane??

3. Nashville

This is the only new show I am actually looking forward to.  The main reason is Connie Britton, aka Tammi Taylor. Friday Night Lights might be my all time favourite show, so when I heard Tammi, oh I mean Connie was going to be a in a new show I knew I would have to watch.
I also happen to love country music so it should be all good.

4. Revenge

I started watching this show last year with low expectations. I kind of thought it would be campy and a bit cheesey, but it really surprised me. The characters were amazing (Madeline Stowe in particular).  There were so many plot twists and turns, it really kept me hooked.
I just hope that they can keep it up this season!

5. The Good Wife

I love Julianna Margulies, she is so brilliant in this show.  It is smart and funny and dramatic. I love all the characters and they have the best guest stars (Michael J. Fox!!).
I am looking forward to seeing where they take the show this season, everyone has secrets and I can't wait for some of them to be revealed.

Those are my top 5 dramas. I will do my top 5 comedies next week.

Tell me what shows are you guys looking forward to watching?? I can always PVR one more!!

Have a fab weekend everyone!



  1. I love your picks they would be mine too! Parenthood is the best for many reasons and she is totally gonna ditch her young teacher and end up with this new character Ray is playing. As for Walking Dead omg. That's all I can say except how can they go on without Shane??!! Whaaa. Revenge is really really good. I didn't expect it to be so good either. I can not wait for the new season to start at the end of September: Did they really die in that plane crash?! I am thinking no!! Nashville looks very good I am gonna check it out for sure! And I have loved The Good Wife from the start. Its good. I have to admit I also am a GreysAnatomy and Private Practice junkie, can't live without those even if they are super dumb sometimes. And Love Love Love Dallas. CAN NOT WAIT for the next season! Gonna get a pvr they are on sale for $99 at BestBuy here, hopefully I will get one for my birthday there is way to much good tv. and too many good eats to munch on while watching. lol. Great Post!!

  2. Suits! And Downton Abbey!

  3. I don't have many favorite drama type shows although I watch some but all usually make me mad because they are so not "real" but I watch anyway. But I do love Blue Bloods which is a cop show with Tom Selleck and how can you go wrong Donnie Whalberg. Great show!!
    As for comedies hopefully Modern Family makes the list cause that is some funny S@#T lol!

  4. Brenda, I can't wait for Downton Abbey either, but I hear that season 3 doesn't start here until January!

    Kate, I watch Blue Bloods too, I love it!! You can't go wrong with a Whalberg!!

    Pam, I loved Dallas too, but we have to wait till next summer for that now! BOO HOO!

  5. OMG how could i have forgotten Blue Bloods?? So good. And i am extremely lame and love Rookie Blue also but thats a summer show and Modern family is it a drama or comedy? Both really i guess. Love that one too!! Hmmmm i watch way too much tv.