Friday, September 20, 2013

Favourite Things Friday Vol 53 - Online Food Magazines

I am a food magazine junkie! I used to buy them on my weekly grocery shopping trip, but now I get them on my i-pad.

At first I was worried the online version wouldn't be as good as leafing through actual pages, but it is totally great.  The online versions are very interactive, nice bright pages that are easy to ready. 

When a new version is available it automatically downloads, so no waiting until I can get to the store! I currently have 7 subscriptions on the go right now, Rachel Ray, Food Network, Cooks Country, Cook's Illustrated, Cooking Light, Everyday Food and Fine Cooking.

I used to clip out the recipes I wanted to keep from the magazines each month. Now I just take a screen shot of the recipes, then I save the pictures into folders I created on my computer.

Most of the magazines have a bookmark feature and also a grocery list feature, which is awesome! It really helps with the meal planning!

I am always looking for a new good food magazine, let me know what are your favourites??

Happy Friday!!



  1. Tablets are fabulous when it comes to recipes! It's just so easy. I have several magazines I get online that I'd never have subscribed to otherwise! Now, although the iPad & the other tablets are fabulous & I couldn't be without mine, I have to admit that nothing can replace glancing around a waiting room to see if anyone is looking and then slowly slowly ever so quietly easing an amazing looking recipe page free from its magazines binding. I also have picked out a spot in my new kitchen for my recipe box full of old family favourites. I LOVE that with the tablets we can keep Gramma's recipes safe by snapping a photo of them and using a cooking splash guard with the iPad and preserving those priceless slips of paper for the next generation. It is also unbeatable for recipe sharing. As always you've picked another fabulous favourite thing!! Can't wait for next week!! Keep that Tiny Oven warm, nobody kills it in the kitchen like you do!

  2. Just to be clear, lol, I know your post was about food magazines online NOT tablets, but I got distracted. Love you!!