Friday, April 18, 2014

Favourite Things Friday Vol 73 - Fun Stuff from Capital Iron

Happy Good Friday Everyone!

I would normally be coloring Easter eggs today but we decided to do it last Sunday. My in house taste tester wanted potato salad for supper and I figured since I need hard boiled eggs for that we should just color early. I am glad we did, because I have had great lunches this week, egg salad sandwiches, Cobb salad and these amazing Muffin Melts!

Yesterday I discovered a new store, it is called Capital Iron. It is a Victoria based store and has been here since 1934. They only had one location downtown until last week when they opened a huge store right near my house.

it is amazing! They have everything from kitchen stuff, to garden things and camping gear plus a huge clothing section. Oh and, hot tubs, BBQ's and tons of outdoor furniture.

I found a few amazing things, of course!

1. 4 mini trifle bowls, I am so making something amazing in them for Easter dessert!

2. Classic Popsicle molds, I have been searching everywhere for these!

3. Two super cute bamboo bowls, aren't the colors great!

4. A cute stir stick that is silicon, but it looks like a paint stir stick. Plus this great scoop, I think it will be very handy.

I hope you the Easter bunny brings you all lots of chocolate.
Hoppy Easter!


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