Friday, January 23, 2015

Favourite Things Friday Vol 90 – Grohmann Paring Knife

My in house taste tester knows me so well. For Christmas be bought be not one but 2 new kitchen knives as well as 2 new cookbooks‼

This pretty little Grohmann Paring knife is a dream! It is the perfect weight to do fine slicing. It is super sharp!
I find in the short time I have had it, it has quickly become my daily go to knife.

Grohmann is a Canadian company that makes all kinds of knives, hunting, utility and kitchen.

This beautiful knife is from their Forged Professional Rosewood Line.
I love love love it!

I want to thank my in house taste tester for choosing such a fantastic little knife for me.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



  1. They are gorgeous. I have one of Grammas it looks so similar!! Obviously Grohmann makes a quality product. Lookin good!! Yay in house tase taster!! He's got great taste lol!! Loving the blog!! Thanks for another Fav Things!!

  2. Made in my home town - have a number of tier knives.