Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favourite Things Friday Vol 10

I just got home from a visit with my family. I had such a great time!! 
The one thing my family does well is eat!! That is one of the things I look forward to most when I go home. As I have said my dad is a big outdoorsman so we get to eat all kinds of goodies!
Here is just a glance at some of the awesome stuff I ate at my Dad's!!

My all time favorite breakfast, Fried red garden tomatoes on toast with bacon!! I died when I ate this!! There is nothing better than fresh garden tomatoes, YUM!

Then Dad decided he shoud smoke a turkey.... Here it is in the smoker. It was so moist and flavourful!

We made a Saskatoon Berry and Cranberry Crisp for dessert! I miss Saskatoons, they are so good!

To go with our smoked turkey we also made my dad's famous Jambalaya! It is made with his fresh deer sasauge and shrimp. I love this recipe. I will make it and share it with you soon!

We had fresh french bread, homemade cranberry sauce, chinese salad (I will have to make this one for you too!), and homemade dill pickes and dilled beans! 

Thanks Dad! Super was AMAZING!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. that breakfast looks SO FREAKING GOOD. I think it's the tomatoes that sell it.