Thursday, November 24, 2011

Favourite Things Friday Vol 13

My favourite thing this week is... 

Christmas Oranges!!!
I LOVE them, always have, always will.

I will probably eat a box a week until New Year's. I have been known to eat so many in 1 day it makes my tummy hurt. NICE! That hasn't ever stopped me from eating them.

My goal is to always get the peel off in 1 piece. Yep, I am a dork!!

What happened to the little green papers they used to be wrapped in? It is weird without them. Plus what am I supposed to wrap the peel in when I am done eating the orange? I want the papers back!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love them too. I eat at LEAST 2 a day.

    But I hate it when you buy a box of them and they are dry or sour. Makes me angry!

  2. GORGEOUS photos, Jen!

  3. I love these! We call them clementines, is it the same for you? I never thought of them as Christmas oranges though. I never even realized they only arrived in the winter. (Tells you how little attention I pay!) I need to pick up a box soon! YUM