Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Jerky

When I was at home last week my Dad and I made some Jerky.
I love my dad’s Jerky, so does my in house taste tester! We decided to make a big batch so I could bring some back with me.

My Dad has mastered his Jerky making process. He uses fresh wild meat; I think this was mule deer. 

First he grinds it up,

then it is time to add in some Jerky spice, we chose pepper flavoured (my in house taste tester's favourite flavour!)

He forms equal sized balls of the meat and stashes them in the fridge to chill for half an hour.

After they are chilled it then he rolls it out between 2 pieces of saran wrap.

He puts it on the racks of his food dehydrator and lets it go for 5-7 hours.

Once it is firm enough you flip it over, then after a few more hours he cuts it into strips and lets it finish drying.

It is so good! Try making your own; you will never go back to that brutal store bought stuff again.

I am sure it won’t take long for my in house taste tester to mow through the stuff I brought him!

Thanks Dad!!


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  1. I never would have thought that you grind the meat up before making the jerky. Very informative! Thanks :)