Monday, July 23, 2012

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

I bought a huge basket of fresh local blueberries at the farmer’s market the other day. I ate a ton of them but I had some left so I thought I would pull out the old ice cream maker and whip up some Blueberry Frozen Yogurt.

It was super easy and I had everything I needed in my fridge. 

The final product is wonderful, so cool and refreshing and just bursting with fresh blueberry flavor!

What you need,

1 ½ cups Greek yogurt
¾ cup granulated sugar
3 cups fresh blueberries
1 tsp. Amaretto or Kirsch
2 tsp. lemon juice

In a blender combine the yogurt, sugar and blueberries, puree until smooth.

Press the mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds.

Stir in the lemon juice and Amaretto.

Chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Process the mixture in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is just that easy!

You could use any fruit here, peaches or strawberries would be so good!
I love summer!



  1. Oh yum! This would be perfectly refreshing!

  2. The steps are pretty simple. I’m definitely trying this out, maybe as a post-dinner treat for Christmas! Since I have lots of strawberries in my fridge, I’m going to try it with that flavor. Anyway, yours looks extremely delicious! I’m actually craving for it! Can’t wait to try it for myself.