Friday, July 13, 2012

Favourite Things Friday Vol 31

I really really really needed a new blender. Mine was some 20 year old thing I got second hand. The blades were dull and it had no power. 

After some research I decided to go with the Ninja. I got mine at the Canadian Tire for $99.00.

Since it is summer beverage season, ice crushing was my main concern. The reviews all said the Ninja crushes ice like a hot damn.

Check out the blades on this thing! 

It doesn't only have blades on the bottom but there are 3 sets going up the middle.

The lid locks in place and the blender won't turn on unless it is locked in, as a safety feature, which is very cool.

The container is huge, 9 cups! It is very easy to clean. I love it.

I have made quite a few smoothies, and frozen summer drinks since I got it a week ago.
I am sure I will be making a lot more of them over the summer!  I can't wait to try making pesto in it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


PS. The photo's in this post were taken by my in house taste tester. I was busy making a smoothie 2 minutes after I got the thing out of the box, he documented it! I also got so excited I forgot to take a picture of the finished smoothie, I can tell you it was awesome!!



  1. Looks fantastic! New appliances are always so exciting!