Friday, February 15, 2013

Favourite Things Friday Vol 43

There is nothing worse than making a nice batch of muffins or a beautiful cake and having it stick to the pan!
ARRGGG, I hate when that happens.

I used to use just regular Pam non-stick spray then I found this Pam for Baking with flour non-stick spray.

It works like a dream. I haven't had any sticking problems since I started using it.

It is so much easier than greasing and flouring each pan, just pop off the top and spray it on.

Give it a try!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

I am heading down to Bellingham WA to go to Trader Joe's! It will be my first time ever, I am way too excited! I am sure next Friday's Favourite Things will be filled with all the goodies I come home with. If you have any recommendations let me know!!


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  1. I use this kind for baking as well! My only bad experience with it was due to my own bad judgement ~ I had an old can of it that had gotten shoved to the back of an over full cupboard and then forgot about it...I bought a new can and went to use it one day and it was empty so I went rummaging through the baking cupboard for my regular Pam and found the old can of this baking one and without thinking, I used it ~ half my muffins tasted just rank and not good, so this stuff will go bad and it's super yucky tasting if it does. Now that can was likely over a year old, so as I said, my fault. But I suggest you don't let it sit around for too long, lol. However! If you bake as much as I now do, due to the awesome recipes on this blog, you'll be needing to buy a new can every few months anyway! This is a GREAT product and I would be lost without it! You've even got Mom using it! Another great pick for your favorite things <3 Have a great trip I'm eagerly awaiting details about Trader Joe's as I've long been intrigued by it! :)