Friday, February 22, 2013

Favourite Things Friday Vol. 44

Awhile back my sister and I went for pedicures at the spa in a Fairmont Hotel.

They were serving this AH-MAZING tea in the spa lounge.
I think I drank a gallon of it.

Kea Lani Orange Pineapple Tea, it is made for the Fairmont and sold at the store in the hotel.

I decided to try the loose leaf, it is so good.

It has a distinct orange and pineapple flavour as well as some other flowery tones and a little spice.

It is my new most favourite beverage!

It is great warm but I think it would make a great iced tea in the summer, maybe with a splash of pineapple or orange vodka in it!

Happy Weekend‼


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  1. It is so yum! And I can't wait to try it as iced tea for a summer bevi!!