Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Things Friday Vol 33

I was visiting my sister in Calgary last weekend.

We had so much fun! I got to meet her new kitten. His name is Cheddar. He is so cute!

We had a fire and cooked hot dogs and S'mores!
We ate spicy pork tacos, that she made. I totally need to get her to guest blog them. They were to die for.
Poor Cheddar is so tired!!
We also went painting at Fire Escape. It's this cool place where you pick out a ceramic item then paint it. They glaze and fire it for you. Then you just pick it up. I did a spoon rest.
We shopped and talked, took the dog for a walk, ate too many chips and watched Pioneer Woman.
It was a perfect weekend.
I miss her already!
Thanks for a great weekend Kate!



  1. Definitely my favorite Friday thing!!! Did our halloween hat picture not make the cut haha!!

  2. Looks like a fun time! Love the new spoon rest! Sisters are definitely awesome!