Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Summer Cocktail - A Failure

So I tried to make you all a boozy Popsicle this week. 

It seemed like such a great idea it had Cola and Spiced Rum and Kahlua in it. 
Sadly, it was a failure, a flop, it sucked.
They ended up being a boozy slushy mess.

Instead here are some other fun summery drinks, some have booze, some don't, but adding a little shot of Vodka could fix that problem.

This Classic Lemonade is perfect for a hot summer day!

A Watermelon Mojito is a very summery twist on the original.

A Classic Fruit Punch is easy and great for a crowd.

If you have some fresh raspberries, make a batch of this Raspberry Lemonade, it is delicious!

For a fun blended drink, whip up a Pina Colada!

I am going to try the boozy Popsicle thing again, I promise by the end of summer I will have them mastered!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!



  1. A boozy slushie mess hey? lol. I imagine it tasted good even if it did not look good :) I remember making margarita Popsicles once, many many years ago, but I figured each Popsicle needed a full shot of tequila instead of what the recipe called for and I ended up with green slushie messes that reeked of booze, so you should not feel bad at all. :) The other drinks you've posted look divine, and that raspberry lemon aid?? Oh, yum, with some raspberry vodka...bring on the summer sun!! :) Thanks for being honest and letting us see that even the best of the best, such as yourself, sometimes pick a bad recipe to try. Better luck next time!! Love ya!!

  2. I bet that it was still a tasty slushy mess!!

    P.S. - Your photos are so gorgeous and crystal clear! Could those lemons look any more perfect?!