Friday, March 27, 2015

Favourite Things Friday Vol 92 – Fresh Muffins for Breakfast

One of my very favourite things to do on the weekend is make fresh muffins for breakfast!
There is really nothing better than a homemade muffin, right out of the oven all warm and delicious!

A great accompaniment for the muffins is a fruit salad full of the season’s sweetest! A few slices of sharp cheddar cheese never hurt either!

This past weekend I made my all-time favourite 6 Week Bran Muffins. They are always a hit!

Here are a few other muffins that I really enjoy for breakfast.

So whip up a batch of your favourite muffins for breakfast this weekend! You won’t be sorry!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I love baking (and eating) muffins! They are a staple in my life -- a tasty yet healthy treat!