Friday, February 14, 2014

Favourite Things Friday Vol 65 – Grapefruit Knife

Firstly I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day! I sure hope you are all having a day filled with love and chocolate! 

My in house taste tester and I never really “do” Valentine’s Day, but I am going to make him homemade pizza for dinner. Oh the romance‼

My favourite thing this week is my grapefruit knife. I love this thing! I have been eating half a grapefruit for breakfast every morning for the last month or so. This knife makes quick work of prepping it.

You use one end to cut around the outside edge, then the other end to cut between the sections. It is so simple, but watch it the knife is super sharp.

I got mine at Crate and Barrel a year or so ago.

If you eat a lot of grapefruit I would suggest you go find one. It is so much easier than using a regular knife.

Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I love grapefruit, and I used to love using my mom's grapefruit knife! I gotta get one!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. OMG, I just discovered a grapefruit knife in one of my drawers! I had completely forgotten that I had it! Yay!