Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas with Roasted Chicken

This is the last of the fantastic roasted veggie recipes. This one is so good!

These quesadillas make a fabulous week night dinner, you can make them in a flash! 

What you need,

8 small flour tortillas
1 cup roasted chicken (I used the rest of the deli rotisserie chicken I used for the roasted veggie mac and cheese yesterday)
½ cup crumbled goat cheese (for her!)
½ cup grated pepper jack cheese (for him!)
Use whatever cheese you like.
Hot Sauce, optional
Salsa and Sour Cream for serving

Heat a small nonstick pan over medium heat. Place one tortilla in the pan then sprinkle on a little cheese, some of the chicken and a scoop of the roasted veggies. Top with a little hot sauce if you like and some more cheese. Place a second tortilla on the top.

Cook until the tortilla gets golden brown and crisp, then carefully flip the quesadilla over and cook for a couple more minutes until the second tortilla is brown and crisp.

Repeat the assembly process with the remaining ingredients. You can keep the quesadillas warm in a 200 degree oven if you want to.

Serve with the salsa and sour cream.

I hope you all go and make a huge pan of roasted veggies so you can have your own week of fabulous dinners.



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