Monday, April 11, 2011

A Visit With My Sister!

Sorry I was MIA over the weekend. I was visiting my sister!
We had such a great time, total girls weekend!

We got pedicures,

We drank a lot of Starbucks,
We watched the entire first season of Modern Family, which is frickin hysterical in case you haven't watched it you should! Go rent it now!  You will laugh your butt off!

We went shoe shopping! We were very happy with our purchases, and her Kitty was very happy with the boxes!!

We did some cookin' together. We made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Taco's! The recipe seemed a bit involved with the frying and all. Really it was very easy with an extra set of hands! They were super tasty we ate them all up! Here are some pics of the process!

You always have to have a little Wine when cookin'!

Here is her poor Doggy, lookin sad cause we wouldn't let her in the kitchen, Poor girl!

The finished product..
Here is the link to the recipe on PW's site Chicken Tacos. I reccomend you call your sister and make a date to make these ASAP!

It was so fun spending time in the kitchen with my sister. She is awesome!
Thanks for a great weekend Kate!
Miss you already!

I have an easy dinner recipe coming up tomorrow, and a sweet treat later this week!


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  1. I had such a great weekend and you kept me and my mind busy, which I really needed, THANK-YOU!!! HUGS, love you!