Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gourmet Warehouse

I went shopping today, at Gourmet Warehouse. I love this place.They have all kinds of specialty foods and cook/bake ware. I could spend an hour in the place and easily $100 every time I go.
Here is what I managed to limit my purchases to today!

Check out this funky pan! I actually went to get a doughnut pan, but they didn't have one. Then I saw this New England hot dog bun pan.  All I could think of when I saw it was Fudrucker's hot dogs and lobster rolls so I HAD to get it!

I needed some new Vanilla so I picked this stuff up.

Then I saw this crepe pan, so naturally I had to get it to.

Of course I had to pick up some more of my favorite popcorn. This stuff is so good. There are about 6 kinds all different colors and shapes. Each variety has a unique flavor and texture. If you like popcorn try it out. After eating this I will never go back to Orville Redenbacher again!

Then I bought this little cutie for dusting icing sugar or cocoa or whatever.

Because my Sweet drove around today I got him these for a treat. He loves jalapeno anything!

So that is it, I managed to keep it under $100 bucks today! Amazing!

Happy Saturday everyone,
New recipe tomorrow.

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