Monday, March 14, 2011

New England Hot Dog Buns

I bought this funky pan the other day at Gourmet Warehouse.
I was dying to try it out and am I glad I did! These were so tasty.
I whipped up a batch of my Breadmaker Buns.  I divided it into 10 equal parts. I rolled them out in about 5 inch logs, just long enough to fit in the divots in the pan.
Note the pan is touching the sides of my tiny oven, I wasn’t sure it would even fit but I kept my fingers crossed! It did, just barely!
I let them rise in a warm oven for a full 30 minutes.
Then I heated the oven to 350 degrees. Popped the buns back in for 20 minutes rotating the pan halfway through.
This is what happened... so cool.
They are so awesome!
I sliced them apart, buttered the sides and toasted them in a pan just before serving.
They are so good. Just like Fudruckers! Just need to get me some of their cheese sauce!
They are warm,soft and buttery. I can’t wait to try making lobster rolls!
I may never buy hot dog buns again!
I am very happy I impulse purchased this pan!
These buns are awesome!


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